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The Foundation for Science and Technology is a UK charity, providing an impartial platform for debate of policy issues that have a science, research, technology or innovation element. Established in 1977, the Foundation brings together Parliamentarians, civil servants, industrialists, researchers, learned societies, charities and others. It convenes discussion events and round tables, publishes a journal three times per year and regular blogs, and hosts a weekly podcast. It also organises the Foundation Future Leaders Programme, supporting the next generation of professionals from universities, industry and the civil service. In addition, the Foundation provides guidance on governance issues to Professional and Learned Societies.

Future Leaders

The Foundation Future Leaders Programme brings together a cohort of mid-career professionals drawn from universities, industry and the civil service to develop links and further their understanding of how science and research are conducted, and how they feed into the policy process.



The Foundation organises events on key topics in science, research, technology or innovation, bringing together Parliamentarians, civil servants, industrialists, researchers, learned societies, charities and others.

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FST Journal

The FST Journal is published three times per year, with articles based on the main evening events held by the Foundation. The Journal is distributed to over 1500 senior influencers in Government, Parliament, industry and the research community, as well as being published online.

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Learned & Professional Societies

The Foundation for Science and Technology provides guidance to Learned and Professional Societies in the area of administration and governance, with technical guidance notes and a regular newsletter.

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Latest Events

New Nuclear and the UK Energy Strategy
New Nuclear and the UK Energy Strategy
June 15, 2022

In April 2022, the UK Government published an Energy Security Strategy, mapping out a transition to low carbon energy sources. A key element of that is a commitment to a major expansion in civil nuclear power - to 24GW by 2050, representing 25% of projected electricity demand. In this event, we will explore the challenges to achieve this target, the opportunities from both small and large nuclear reactors, and the issue of treatment and storage of radioactive waste.

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Increasing interdisciplinarity in UK R&D
Increasing interdisciplinarity in UK R&D
May 18, 2022

There has been an increasing focus on interdisciplinary research in recent years, and many current key policy challenges (including climate change, post-covid recovery, economic security, migration, and healthcare) need evidence from interdisciplinary research. As the science budget increases over the coming years, and UKRI announce their allocations, what do we need to do to increase interdisciplinary research in the UK?

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UK-China research collaboration
UK-China research collaboration
April 27, 2022

How can, and how should, the UK collaborate with China on R&D? Can research collaboration contribute to wider diplomacy between the two countries, or to tackling global issues such as climate change? When might we not want to collaborate with China on R&D, and how do we make those decisions? At this Foundation for Science and Technology event, we will discuss these issues as we explore UK-China R&D collaboration.

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