As a registered charity, the Foundation for Science and Technology has "Charitable Objects", its purpose as an organisation, as set out in the charity's Constitution and registered with the Charity Commission.

The existing Charitable Objects were set out when the Foundation was first established in 1977. The Trustees of the charity believe that these Charitable Objects no longer represent well the activities of the Foundation, and have launched a consultation on changing them.

The original (1977) Charitable Objects are:

  • The promotion and development of science and technology and to bring about the greater efficiency of the industry of the United Kingdom
  • The promotion of research in furtherance of the above objects and the publication of the useful results of any such research

The Trustees' proposed new (2023) Charitable Objects are:

  • To provide, in the public interest, a neutral platform for debate for the understanding and development of science and technology, to convene debate on the contribution that it makes to public policy, industry and wider society in the United Kingdom, and to communicate widely the outcomes of such work.
  • To provide training and networking opportunities to early- and mid-career professionals working in science, technology, innovation and similar fields. 

The Trustees have launched a consultation so that all interested parties can comment on these recommended new Charitable Objects, via a survey. At the same time, respondents are invited to comment on the work of the Foundation and its priorities going forward.

The survey is open until 30 September 2023, and can be found here: