In the FST podcast, weekly one to one interviews allow a more in depth discussion of both topics being explored in Foundation events, and one-off discussions with senior figures across science, research, technology and innovation. It's available here, and can also be accessed on the main podcast hosting platforms.

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Toju Duke - Responsible and diverse AI

In a special edition episode broadcast live from the NI Science Festival, we talk to leading expert on AI, Toju Duke. Toju is the founder of Diverse AI and author of “Building Responsible AI Algorithms”. She previously worked as Programme Manager for Responsible AI at Google. We talk about what responsible and diverse AI looks like and why it is significant.

Dr Melanie Garson - Cyber policy and tech geopolitics

In this episode, we chat to Dr Melanie Garson, who is Cyber Policy and Tech Geopolitics Lead at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, as well as an Associate Professor in International Conflict Resolution & International Security at University College London. We look at cyber politics, conflict in the digital age, equal access, Artificial Intelligence as well as the challenges around physical infrastructure required for key digital technology.

Lord Tim Clement-Jones - Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

In this podcast we are joined by Lord Clement-Jones, Liberal Democrats House of Lords spokesperson for Science, Innovation and Technology. Lord Clement Jones is the former Chair of the Lords Select Committee on AI, the current Co-Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on AI, and a founding member of OECD’s Parliamentary Group on AI, amongst several other roles.

Jor-El Benjamin, entrepreneur and founder of Kryotech - Digital privacy, equity and AI

In this podcast, we talk with Jor-El Benjamin (JB)- tech entrepreneur and founder of Kryotech about his focus on digital privacy and equity. We also talk about his views on the regulation of Artificial Intelligence and his experience as a black CEO in the tech world.

Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak - Innovation in healthcare and in the NHS

In our first podcast of 2024, we discuss innovation in healthcare and in the NHS with Professor Dame Anna Dominiczak, Regius Professor for Medicine at the University of Glasgow and Chief Scientist (Health) at the Scottish Government.