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Filter: Year 2020

On the effect of Black Swans on projects

Black Swan events happen infrequently but when they do, have a high impact. Alan Mosca explains the current risk analysis systems, and the potential for better ones which encompass these Black Swans.

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A Case for the Frequent Flyer Levy

With the climate crisis growing, governments are having to debate ways to help cut their carbon emissions; and introducing a Frequent Flyer Levy could be the way forward.

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A positive case for Drones

With all the bad press surrounding drones, Gavin Costigan explores the positive impacts they could have on society, with the right privacy and security regulations in place.

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Facial recognition technology, history and the meanings of the face

With facial recognition technologies being increasingly commonplace, Dr Fay Bound Alberti discusses the use of such technologies, the ethics surrounding them, as well as the historical relevance of the issues faced.

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