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Filter: Year 2024

The surprising role of voluntary standards in AI regulation

The upcoming Foundation of Science and Technology event asks “Can AI be regulated and if so, how?” Regulation is one of the key tools that governments can use to compel private sector behaviour and AI has rapidly become focal topic when it comes to the impact of private sector technologies on society.

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Regulating AI in the EU and the UK -a legal view

To date, privacy laws have been a key source for AI regulation, particularly in the EU and the UK. Both have highly developed privacy rules, specifically the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the GDPR as incorporated into the laws of the UK. However, privacy laws alone are not sufficient to fully regulate the use of AI. In 2023, significant advances were seen in the approaches proposed in the EU and the UK for regulating the use of AI, and in 2024, this looks set to continue.

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The power of conversation

In a world of polarised views and fast changes, there is a quiet power in sharing knowledge. Championing the art of conversation can support the foundations of change and progress.

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