Transforming Scottish Healthcare – The Role of Data and Technology

  • October 5, 2023 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
  • Royal Society of Edinburgh, 22-26 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PQ

The healthcare system in Scotland, as in all parts of the UK, is facing major challenges, including waiting lists for operations, an ageing population, and shortages of staff. This is a long term problem with no easy or single solution. Increased funding and additional training of healthcare professionals are part of the answer. Another part – and the subject of this event – is the greater use of data and technology in Scottish healthcare.

What are these new technologies? How can they be deployed, both in medical care itself and in improving the operational efficiency of the health system? Are there specific benefits to more remote rural and island communities of greater use of technologies? What are the ethical, regulatory and practical issues involved in deploying this in the NHS? And what opportunities are there for Scottish universities and industry in developing these technologies.

These are just some of the questions that we hope to explore in this event, in which we will bring representatives from healthcare, politics, academia and industry together. We very much hope that you can join the discussion – either in person or online.

Professor Sarah Curtis FRSE
Honorary Professor, University of Edinburgh
Jonathan Cameron
Deputy Director of Digital Health and Care, Scottish Government
Professor Patricia Connolly
Deputy Associate Principal, Biomedical Engineering, University of Strathclyde
Professor Oliver Lemon
Co-academic lead, National Robotarium
Dr Ken Sutherland FRSE
President, Canon Medical Research Europe