Quantum Technologies – from research to reality

  • September 24, 2024 2:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Quantum Technologies – from research to reality

The UK has huge research strengths in quantum technologies and a burgeoning quantum start-up ecosystem. Whilst some potential uses of quantum technologies are still some way from commercialisation, others are right here. The previous government had quantum technologies on its list of critical technologies for the UK, and has sought to build UK capability. Quantum technologies have a potential role to play in both national security and in civil society, as well as the commercial opportunities. And the Royal Academy of Engineering recently completed a major review of quantum infrastructure needs in the UK. 

At this meeting, we will explore where the UK currently sits in quantum technology, and what is needed to transition from research into real world applications, both in the public and private sector. What more is needed in terms of policy and funding from the UK government, UKRI and others? And given the strength of quantum technology companies in Scotland, how can the Scottish Government complement any UK activity to support companies and universities in Scotland. 

Dr Dame Frances Saunders
Chair of the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Quantum Infrastructure Review 2024
Rachel Maze
Head of Quantum Technologies Policy, Department of Science, Innovation and Technology
Simon Andrews
Executive Director, Fraunhofer Research UK Ltd
Professor Melissa Mather
Professor of Quantum Sensing and Engineering and Royal Academy of Engineering Chair in Emerging Technologies, University of Nottingham

University of Strathclyde