Volume 18 - Issue 8

  • June 2005

Energy security of supply

Lord Sutherland: Renewables – more than motherhood and apple pie
Peter Mather: Looking at the options
Kieron McFadyen: Creating the conditions for stability

Science communication

Colin Blakemore: Cultivating a thousand flowers
Kathy Sykes: Engaging in dialogue – and being human
Fiona Fox: Scientists should make headlines

Strategic subjects in higher education

Sir Howard Newby: Strategic subjects are becoming endangered
Pam Alexander: The regional voice in education
Tom Swan: Meeting industry’s needs

Science and the City

Paul Myners: Improving communications between the City and science
Peter Goodfellow: Making up our minds about the pharmaceutical industry
Stephen Timms: Raising R&D intensity in the UK

Nuclear power

Sir John Maddox: A new nuclear generation?

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