Volume 19 - Issue 1

  • June 2006

International R&D partnerships

Sir Gareth Roberts: Reducing barriers to collaboration
Sir Robin Saxby: Partnership in multiple dimensions – a view from industry
Professor Charles Vest: US/UK collaboration – a personal perspective

Carbon abatement

Malcolm Wicks: Mitigating our continuing dependence on fossil fuels
Nick Otter: Taking an international approach to carbon abatement
Dr Kjell Bendiksen: Making carbon capture and storage a reality?

UK/Norway energy collaboration

Lord Browne: British and Norwegian cooperation in the North Sea
Helge Lund: Energising the future: opportunities and challenges
Odd Roger Enoksen: A Norwegian view
Malcolm Wicks: A UK perspective

Climate change

Sir David King: Reading the signs of the times
Hon James Connaughton: Taking practical, cost-effective action

Research priorities

Sir Alcon Copisarow: A half century of research reorganisation
Professor Ian Diamond: Meeting the challenge

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