Volume 19 - Issue 2

  • August 2006

Drugs, alcohol and health

Andrew Jackson: What impact will drugs have on society in the future?
Professor Neil McKeganey: The effects of abuse on family and society
Sir John Arbuthnott: Providing healthcare to drug users

UK energy policy

Peter Mather: The challenges for future UK energy policy
Dr Robert Hawley: Nuclear power – what has changed?
Ross Howard: 2020 vision – seeing the policy options more clearly
Dr Keith Palmer: Financing new electricity supply within carbon constraints

Supporting innovation

Sir Keith O’Nions: How should the Government support innovation in the economy?
Stephen Heal: Innovation in the service sector
Norman Pickavance: Innovation in food production

Data mashing

Professor Frank Kelly: Data and innovation – the case for experimentation
Dr Mike Lynch: Extracting meaning from information
Dr Mark Walport: Using data to improve the nation’s health

Looking into the future

Sir Brian Bender: Risk management – getting the balance right
Sir David King: Anticipating and managing technological change
Jeremy Bentham: Discerning possible futures

The Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran award

Simple, effective testing for easily treatable diseases

House of Lords Select Committee

Lord Broers: A wide-ranging science and technology agenda

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