Volume 19 - Issue 6

  • November 2007

Managing Risk

Rick Haythornthwaite: Risk, responsibility and regulation
Sir David Omand: Risk management - an audit of Government


Lord Oxburgh: The good, the bad and the not so bad
Sir Howard Dalton: Preserving agricultural diversity - the role of second generation biofuels
Ingmar Juergens: The way forward - a global view


Jonathan Kestenbaum: Five haibits of innovative societies
Anne Glover: Connecting innovation and business success
Peter Warry: The role of research councils in improving UK performance
Professor Rod Coombs: How the universities can contribute more effectively

The Energy White Paper

Willy Rickett: The challenge of securing secure and sustainable supplies of energy
Barry Neville: The UK needs a market-based approach to energy policy
Dr John Miles: The challenges on the demand side

Government changes

Sir Keith O'Nions: The framework for supporting research and innovation
Phil Willis: The reorganisation - challenges and opportunities
Lord Broers: Staying at the forefront of innovation

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