Volume 19 - Issue 7

  • April 2008

The Sainsbury Review

Lord Sainsbury: The Race to the Top
Sir Keith O’Nions: The Government’s role
Professor Eric Thomas: A leadership role for universities
John Cridland: Speaking in a language that business can understand

Engineering and climate change

Lord Browne and Dr Scott Steedman: Engineering a response to climate change
John Loughhead: Technologies to reduce emissions
Rolf Tolle: The risk to the insurance industry

Investigating the oceans

Phil Willis: How should UK marine science be organised?
Sir Howard Dalton: Rectifying the mistakes of 20 years ago
Colin Grant: Data – an essential commodity for the marine industry

Advising Government

Sir David King: Standing on the shoulders of science
John Denham: The role of science in public policy
Iain Conn: Informing and persuading
Pallab Ghosh: Using science to inform policy making

Research funding

Professor Ian Diamond: Research Council funding priorities


Sir Howard Dalton FRS

FST Journal

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