Volume 19 - Issue 8

  • July 2008

Development in Scotland

Professor Gavin McCrone: Development policy for the remote regions
Professor Mark Shucksmith: Empowering communities is the key
John Cameron: Preserving the social fabric of our rural communities
Professor Frank Rennie: Broadband, the highway to the islands

Freight transport

Professor Brian Collins: The elements of a freight transportation system
Lord Berkeley: Forecasting for future policy and investment
Tom Falcon: Part of a global supply chain
Professor Michael Stumpf: Mathematical modelling of transport networks

DNA profiling

Meg Hillier and Peter Neyroud: DNA profiles on police data systems
Jonathan Bamford: Individual rights and DNA databases
Tony Lake: How profiles are used in practice
Dr Peter Gill: The science behind DNA profiles


Iain Gray: The mission of the Technology Strategy Board
Professor Andy Hopper: Developing the geese that lay golden eggs
Dr Richard Ward: Science and finance

Carbon trading

Professor Bob Watson: Can carbon trading help meet emissions targets?
Professor Michael Grubb: The EU Emissions Trading Scheme
Marc Stuart: What future for the CDM?

The Select Committees

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