Volume 19 - Issue 10

  • April 2009

Science strategy

Lord Drayson: The future strategy for science and innovation in the UK
Lord Rees: Consider all the candidates for investment
Sir Peter Gershon: Do not forget nearer term goals
Peter Ringrose: Balancing the portfolio
Trudy Norris-Grey: Revisiting our business models

The Scottish economy

Jim Mather: Establishing a coherent vision for Scotland
John McClelland: Innovation is not rocket science
Dr Michael Harris: More sophisticated models of innovation

Food security

Professor John Beddington: The global balance of supply and demand
Lord Haskins: The dangers of protectionism
Dr Derek Byerlee: Food security in the developing world

Physics review

Professor Bill Wakeham: The state of physics in the UK
Professor David Delpy: Encouraging greater inter-disciplinary engagement
Professor Keith Mason: Delivering real results to the wider community
Professor Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell: Challenges for the future


Professor Sir Hugh Laddie
Sir Richard Morris

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