Volume 20 - Issue 1

  • October 2009

The Science Select Committees

Defence technology

Paul Stein: Applying science and technology to defence
Alison Wood: Industry and the wider defence partnership
Professor Ron Smith: Military and civil links

Statistical advice

Sir David Omand: Formulating effective policies
Professor Adrian Smith: The impact of statistical advice on policy
Sir Gus O’Donnell: Objective evidence, public perceptions and the issue of trust

Energy technologies

Dr David Clarke: A partnership to deliver the energy technologies of the future
Dr Mark Henstridge: Technological innovation and energy supply
Willy Rickett: The role of innovation in achieving energy security

Assessing risk

Sarah Veale: The struggle between instinct and reason
Judith Hackitt: Have we got the balance right?
Sir Alistair MacDuff: Achieving a balance between safety and convenience


Professor Tom Kirkwood: Mental capital, skills and wellbeing
Lord Layard: Raising skills to counter inequality in the workplace
John Denham: Skills training in the recession and beyond


Sir John Maddox

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