Volume 20 - Issue 2

  • December 2009

Higher Education - Higher Ambitions for education

Sir Alan Langlands: The future of Higher Education in England
Professor Michael Arthur: Maintaining our position in the world
Sir John Chisholm: A business viewpoint

Transport emissions

Professor Brian Collins: Understanding the full picture
Professor Dan Sperling: The three-legged stool of transportation reform
Professor Neville Jackson: Reducing carbon emissions from transport


Professor Bob Watson: Can a value be put on biodiversity?
Pavan Sukhdev: Safeguarding the treasury of the poor
Lord May: The ethical dimension in valuing diversity

Medical research

Sir Leszek Borysiewicz: From bench to bedside – strategic aims of the MRC
Sir John Bell: Supporting and coordinating medical research
Sir David Cooksey: Economic challenges in drug discovery

Cities and science

Boris Johnson: Can city managers make better use of science?
Sir Alan Wilson: Social sciences in the city – think big!
Professor Tim Allen: Science and technology in local government

Financial models

Professor John Kay: The role of models in directing economic activity
Paul Sharma: The problems of mathematical modelling
Professor David Hand: Did over-reliance on mathematics create the financial crisis?

Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Lecture

Lighting up the brain

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