Volume 20 - Issue 3

  • April 2010

Learned societies

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell: The role of learned societies in policy development


Enthusing the next generation


Phil Willis: Turning ideas into reality
Lord Browne: Building on success
Dick Olver: At the forefront of the global market
Lord Drayson: The need for reliable and authoritative advice

Beyond recession

Professor Peter Gregson: The key partnerships to deliver innovation
Eoin O’Driscoll: Finding the right niche
Iain Gray: Building joined-up support for innovation

Digital Britain

Dominic Morris: The Digital Britain report
Professor Dame Wendy Hall: To be or not to be a digital Britain?
Dr Alfred Spector: The role of the web in an ‘evolutionary revolution’
Erik Huggers: The future of broadcasting in a digital Britain

Climate change in Scotland

Professor Geoffrey Boulton: The space between science and politics
Professor John Mitchell: The impact of climate change in Scotland
Andrew Dlugolecki: What business needs to know about climate change


Sir Mark Walport: A national infrastructure for the 21st century
Professor Brian Collins: How to modernise our ageing infrastructure
Professor Tim Broyd: Defending the national infrastructure

Synthetic biology

Professor Richard Kitney: Synthetic biology – a threat or an opportunity?
Professor Pamela Silver: Making biology easier to design
Professor Nikolas Rose: Social science sets the context

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