Volume 20 - Issue 6

  • July 2011

Research funding

Sir Adrian Smith: Allocating science and research funding
Professor Malcolm Grant: New funding realities mean changing priorities
Dr Patrick Vallance: The future of the UK pharmaceuticals industry


Sir John Beddington: The importance of scientific advice in disaster response
Professor Nick Pidgeon: Public attitudes to nuclear power
Professor Laurence Williams: The design of nuclear power stations
Dr Mike Weightman: The implications for the UK

The digital revolution

Professor Michael Fourman: Can Scotland grasp the opportunities?
John McClelland: ICT in the public sector
Rashik Parmar: The promise of IT innovation


Dr Bernie Bulkin: Achieving the renewable energy target
James Primrose: The global growth in biofuels
Sam Cockerill: Biorefining in the UK
Professor Douglas Kell: Carbon dioxide – an age-old problem

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