Volume 20 - Issue 7

  • December 2011


Sir John Parker: An engineering renaissance for economic revival


Philip Greenish: Delivering the skilled people the economy needs
John Hayes: The future of non-graduate training
Amarjit Basi: Embedding FE in the local community
Norman Pickavance: A retailer's point of view

Mental health

Lord Layard: The cost of managing mental health in the UK
Professor Simon Wessely: Health in mind and body
David Behan: No health without mental health

Public data

Professor Paul Boyle: The value of routinely-collected administrative data
Baroness O’Neill: Is current data protection legislation coherent?
Stephen Penneck: Public trust in public data

Stimulating innovation

Lord Krebs: Focusing Government procurement on innovation
Darren James: Intelligent customers and appropriate suppliers
Sally Collier: Adding flexibility – and value
Professor Brian Collins: Public procurement in practice


Professor Bob Watson: The UK National Ecosystem Assessment

Science advice in a crisis

Sir John Beddington and Professor Patrick Cunningham

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