Volume 20 - Issue 8

  • May 2012


Sir John Enderby: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Research and innovation

Sir Adrian Smith: The intrinsic connection between research, innovation and growth
Sir Tim Wilson: Business and universities in partnership
Professor Andy Hopper: The creative power of disruption
Professor Ric Parker: A strategy for growth – a response

Stimulating growth

Sir Richard Lambert: The state of Higher Education
Dr Graham Spittle: Innovation and economic growth
Catherine Coates: How the Research Councils contribute to growth
David Willetts MP: The role of Government

Climate adaptation

Dr Rupert Lewis: From a scientific-certainty to a risk-based paradigm
Sir Graham Wynne: Flood risk and water resources
Tom Bolt: Insurance in a changing world

Women in STEM

Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell: Still more to be achieved
Dr Ellen Williams: A life in STEM
Sir Adrian Smith: Encouraging a diversity of talent

Shale gas

Malcolm Brinded: The gas supply revolution
Professor Paul Stevens: The global potential of shale gas
Professor Mike Stephenson: Shale gas risks


Sir Greg Winter: Turning inventions into medicines – and businesses
Sir John Savill: A tale of two revolutions
Dr Neil Brewis: Collaboration is the way forward

Arctic development

Charles Emmerson: A changing landscape

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