Volume 20 - Issue 9

  • July 2012

Guest Editorial

Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve: Evidence, trustworthiness and trust

Systemic failure of banking systems

Professor John Kay: Understanding the bigger picture
Andrew Haldane: From individual players to an interconnected system
Sir Martin Jacomb: Prudence is an essential virtue in banking

Global food security

Sir John Beddington: Key challenges in feeding the world
Dr Peter Holmgren: Changing the way we view agriculture
Professor Tim Wheeler: Addressing challenges in different parts of the globe

Making science work

Sir Paul Nurse: Science and its contribution to the public good
David Eyton: Creating value in the UK economy
Dr Andy Richards: Models of economic growth
Professor Rick Rylance: The shape of future research

Recent Select Committee reports

The Commons Science and Technology Committee
The Lords Science and Technology Committee

Recent science and engineering academies reports

The Royal Society
The Royal Academy of Engineering

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