Volume 21 - Issue 2

  • October 2013

Open access

Dame Janet Finch: Accessing the results of research
Professor Douglas Kell: Achieving open access
Steven Hall: Making open access work for the benefit of all

Public data

Professor Geoffrey Boulton: Ensuring access to the data behind the paper
Sir Nigel Shadbolt: The power of ‘open’ – the fifth paradigm
David Willetts: Open access, open data and citizen science

Future cities

Steve Quartermain: Growth, innovation and city planning
Sir David King: Closing the gap between concept and commercialisation
Richard Bellingham: Building the future out of today’s reality
Sir Mark Walport: How will policy shape the cities of the future?


Sir John Armitt: Taking a long term approach to infrastructure
Professor Brian Collins: Creating an effective framework for delivering infrastructure
Tim Yeo: Planning for a secure future

Medical research

Dr Sydney Brenner: From simple organisms to the human genome
Sir Paul Nurse: Priorities for medical research
Sir Keith Peters: The MRC – an historical perspective


The Earl of Shannon

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