Volume 21 - Issue 4

  • July 2014


Lord Stern: Working together for the good of humanity

Marine technologies

Professor Ralph Rayner: Connectivity – the glue that drives innovation
Professor Ed Hill: The contribution of marine science and technology to the economy
Professor Rick Spinrad: A time of challenge and opportunity

Bovine tuberculosis

Adam Quinney: A farmer’s perspective
Dr Miles Parker: The current status of the fight against bovine TB
Professor Rosie Woodroffe: Culling versus vaccination
Professor Chris Gaskell: Clarifying points of agreement and disagreement

Agricultural technologies

George Freeman: A strategy for the future of UK agriculture
Dr Peter Bonfield: Taking a consistent approach to Government procurement
Lord Haskins: Ensuring food for the future
Dr Stephen Axford: The potential benefits

UK-China partnerships

Professor Tony Cheetham: Identifying the opportunities for collaboration
Michael Kwok: A view from China
Professor Robin Grimes: The risks and opportunities of partnership

Antimicrobial resistance

Dame Sally Davies: Confronting the threat of drug-resistant disease
Dr Jeremy Farrar: New approaches for an urgent problem
Professor Patrick Vallance: Taking practical steps to promote drug development

Climate change - a special meeting for Sir Mark Walport

Sir Mark Walport, David Davies, Professor Jim Skea, Peter Lilley: To act now or to wait?

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