Volume 21 - Issue 5

  • March 2015


Sir John Enderby: ‘An Act to promote the progress of useful Arts’

Science and innovation strategy

The Rt Hon Greg Clark MP: A strategy for growth
Dame Ann Dowling: Delivering a prosperous and resilient economy
Dr Mike Lynch: Science as part of the growth agenda

The Hauser Review

Dr Hermann Hauser: The translation of research
Simon Edmonds: Facilitating technology translation in key market areas
Adrian Allen: The Catapults – building the skills base

Innovation in Scotland

Professor Muffy Calder: What makes a good science policy?
Professor Alice Brown: Changing the innovation landscape
Anne Richards: A time of challenge and opportunity

Transport resilience

Richard Brown: Making our transport systems more resilient to weather
Doug Johnson: The consequences of changing climate for transport systems
Jerry England: Building tomorrow’s railway today

Science and society

How well do we measure engagement?

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