Volume 21 - Issue 7

  • March 2016


Sir John Enderby: An effective forum for debate

Re-engineering the Research Councils

Sir Paul Nurse: Putting research at the heart of Government
Professor Phil Nelson: Making the most of the opportunities
Gareth Davies: Communicating clearly to Government and the community

Bolstering research partnerships

Dame Ann Dowling: Creating the climate to excel at innovation
Sir Peter Gregson: A successful framework for innovation and collaboration
Eric Hawthorn: Helping smaller businesses engage with universities

Closing the UK/US productivity gap

Dr Ruth McKernan: The role of innovation in boosting productivity
Professor Jonathan Haskel: Rebooting productivity policy
Tony Harper: The importance of collaboration

Meeting Scotland’s energy challenge

Phil Boswell: The benefi ts of renewable energy
Iain Conn: Scotland’s position in the energy market
Gary Haywood: A role for shale gas
Professor Rebecca Lunn: Balancing our energy portfolio

The future of the Arctic

Lord Teverson: Responding to a changing Arctic
Jane Rumble: Increasing our engagement
Dame Julia Slingo: Charting the changes in the Arctic ecosystem

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