Volume 21 - Issue 8

  • July 2016


Sir Paul Nurse: In defence of doubt

The pros and cons of EU membership

Lord Hennessy: Collaboration – a better way to nurture science
Viscount Ridley: British science should look outwards to the world
Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell: The benefits of membership to UK science
Sir Emyr Jones Parry: Collaborating to create a better future

Using science to authenticate, verify and assure

Sir Mark Walport: The potential of forensic science for the UK
Dr Derek Craston: Forensic science beyond the courtroom
Dame Sue Black: The power of the Medici Effect
Baroness Neville-Jones: Meeting the challenge of new technology

Building infrastructure for the UK

Tony Meggs: Delivering infrastructure effectively and efficiently
Lord Adonis: Creating the framework for effective infrastructure delivery
Sir Terry Morgan: Infrastructure as the nursery for tomorrow’s skills base

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