Volume 22 - Issue 2

  • March 2018
Volume 22 - Issue 2


Sir David Cannadine: The role of the Academies in providing independent advice to Government

An industrial strategy for the UK

Lord Hennessy: Searching for a strategy that makes a difference
Lord Heseltine: Establishing a strategy for the whole economy
Lord Willetts: A tension at the heart of Government activity

A business strategy for Scotland

Professor Iain Gray: Translating research excellence into economic benefit
Nora Senior: Plugging gaps in performance
Dame Susan Rice: An ecosystem for business
Paul Wheelhouse: Driving innovation

Meeting air quality targets

Dr Stephen Bryce: The energy emissions challenge
Professor Frank Kelly: The health consequences of air pollution

Diagnosing cancer earlier

Sir Harpal Kumar: Early diagnosis has the potential to transform patient outcomes
Dr Clare Turnbull: Using genetics to combat cancer

The rise of machine learning

Dr Mike Lynch: An opportunity or a threat to society?
Dr Claire Craig: Giving society the confidence to embrace opportunities
Amir Saffari: The potential to augment human efforts
Dame Wendy Hall: The opportunities for the UK


Norman Lamb: The future of social care


The Rt Hon Sir Brian Neill

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