Volume 22 - Issue 3

  • July 2018
Volume 22 - Issue 3


Professor Ed Hill: The place of research institutes in science and innovation

UKRI leaves the starting blocks

Sir Mark Walport: A strategy for UK Research and Innovation
Sir Alan Wilson: Research and innovation within an ecosystem
Kirsten Bound: Fruits of bold experimentation
Jonathan Neale: Building on our strengths

Building regulations and fire safety

Dame Judith Hackitt: A radical overhaul is required
Graham Watts: Working together to achieve a common goal
Peter Baker: Building a safer future
Dr Peter Bonfield: Providing practical help and advice

The future of farming

Professor Ian Boyd: Re-imagining our farming system
Minette Batters: A vision for agriculture
Helen Browning: Taking an organic and integrated approach to farming

Distributed ledger technology

Chris Corrado: The impact of distributed ledger technology
Shirine Khoury-Haq: A potential for transformational change
Dr Mike Short: The ability to identify and track billions of devices
Keith Bear: Blockchain in the real world

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