Volume 22 - Issue 4

  • April 2019
Volume 22 - Issue 4


Dr Dougal Goodman: Making better choices – analysis and evidence in political and business decisions

Industrial strategy and the regions

Greg Clark: The role of place in the Industrial Strategy
Ken Skates: Growing the industrial and science base in Wales
Sir Mark Walport: The power of place
Dr Julia Sutcliffe: Place is key
Katherine Bennett: Linking policy and place

Measuring economic growth

Professor Jonathan Haskel: Improving measures of economic performance
John Pullinger: Let’s be clear about what we are measuring
Tera Allas: A useful indicator of overall prosperity
Clare Lombardelli: A reliable economic measure
Professor John Kay: The strange history of GDP
Professor Martin Weale: Is the rate of change of GDP the best way to measure economic growth?

R&D spending targets

Sir Patrick Vallance: Delivering the Government’s R&D spending target
Chi Onwurah: R&D should be the engine of progress for the UK ecomomy
Dr Chris Haley: Finding the best means of incentivising R&D
Dr David Halpern: A framework for innovation
Rebecca Endean: What might the future look like?

What are universities for?

David Sweeney: Building partnerships and trust
Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell: A force for public good
Lord Willetts: Institutions with a host of roles
Professor Jonathan Grant: Engaging with our stakeholders

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