Volume 22 - Issue 5

  • July 2019
Volume 22 - Issue 5


Gavin Costigan: Addressing the complex issues facing society

Reducing carbon emissions

Nick Bridge: Delivering the goals of the Paris Agreement
Professor Qi Ye: Beyond the current climate process
Baroness Bryony Worthington: Moving the process forward
Emma Howard Boyd: Taking practical steps
Professor Nick Robins: The third goal of the Agreement

Tackling the risk of pandemic flu

Professor Chris Whitty: Preparing against a flu pandemic
Dr Andrew Coburn: Examining the impacts on society
Professor Rachel McKendry: The digital component
The National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies

Technology and the law

Sir Geoffrey Vos: Employing technology to improve the delivery of justice
Susan Acland-Hood: Adopting new technology for a modern justice system
Professor Richard Susskind: Upgrading the justice system

Research and development

Looking to the future

Civil society

A vision for the next decade

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