Volume 22 - Issue 8

  • November 2020
Volume 22 - Issue 8


Dr Pete Thompson: Measurement with confidence

Science advice and policy choices

Dame Angela McLean: Modelling as a route to understanding
Sir David King: Being open and transparent about science 
Sir Mark Walport: Advice and policy making in an emergency

Coronavirus and the environment

Professor Rob Jackson: An opportunity to protect the environment
Dr Kimberly Nicholas: Doing right for the planet and for humanity
Dr Stephanie Wray: Addressing climate change and biodiversity loss
Peter Betts: Revisiting and strengthening targets agreed in Paris
Professor Gideon Henderson: Applying the evidence to future policy making

Industrial supply chains after the pandemic

Juliette White: Creating agile, robust and responsive supply chains 
Professor Lenny Koh: The priorities of the post-Covid supply chain Professor
John Loughhead: The importance of resilience

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