Volume 22 - Issue 9

  • March 2021
Volume 22 - Issue 9

Guest Editorial 

Tony Meggs: The energy transition 

The R&D Roadmap – Levelling up across the UK

Amanda Solloway MP: A new social contract for science, research and innovation  
Professor Richard Jones: Correcting for regional imbalance
Ken Skates MS: Success depends on involving all the key actors 

Skills Resilience

Building resilience in a changing world

Future Priorities for UKRI 

Dame Ottoline Leyser: Creating a flexible, inter-connected and effective system
Professor David Paterson: Assessing the real value of research 
Priya Guha: Making the most of our innovative start-ups 

Looking to the Future 

Sir Patrick Vallance: The role of the Government Chief Scientific Adviser
Dr Fay Bound Alberti: Bringing together research, industry and policy making 

Online Teaching in Higher Education 

Michelle Donelan MP: Making the most of digital technologies to enhance study
Dr Paul Feldman: How best to employ developing technologies
Sarah Speight: Change is part of the DNA of Higher Education Professor 

Nuclear Cogeneration and Net Zero

Professor Robin Grimes: A roadmap for a nuclear future
Dr Jo Nettleton: Sustainable energy production 
Duncan Hawthorne: Delivering an integrated plan for the future 


Dame Glynis Breakwell: Mistrust and risk in a pandemic 

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