Climate Change


In November 2021, the COP26 climate change conference was held in Glasgow, bringing the leaders of the world together in the most important COP meeting since Paris in 2015. Under the UK Presidency of the COP, this meeting was seen critical in seeking global agreement to take actions to limit emissions and keep the target of 1.5°C of warming within reach.

On 1 December 2021, the Foundation for Science and Technology brought together four leading experts on the issue: Professor Sir Ian Boyd (Professor of Biology at the University of St Andrews), Baroness Young of Old Scone (House of Lords), Professor Sir Charles Godfray (Director, Oxford Martin School, University of Oxford) and Professor Sir Dieter Helm (Professor of Economic Policy, University of Oxford). Video, audio and presentation slides are available on the FST website at 

This event was dedicated to the memory of the Earl of Selborne, a previous Chairman of the Foundation, who passed away in February 2021. An obituary appeared in FST Journal, Volume 22 Issue 10.