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The Foundation for Science and Technology provides an impartial platform to explore the interface between policy and science. It does this in a variety of ways.

The 2022 Foundation Future Leaders programme

On Wednesday 15 June, members of the 2022 cohort of the Foundation Future Leaders programme enjoyed a tour of Parliament and spoke to senior parliamentarians about the importance of science and innovation in their work. The Foundation Future Leaders programme brings together early- to mid-career professionals from Government, parliament, research and industry. The aim is to help them understand how other parts of the economy work and to enable them to network, building links that will help them engage across the whole economy in the course of their careers.

This year’s Future Leaders programme includes a visit to CERN in September

Other activities in this year’s programme include a visit to CERN in September where they will be able to see international collaboration in major science facilities, a visit to Loughborough university to explore how the research community contributes to UK science and innovation and visits to industrial facilities. One of the first events looked at the role of science and innovation industry. As in previous years, the cohort will organise a national conference for their peers in the autumn.