Volume 23 - Issue 8

  • June 2024
Volume 23 - Issue 8

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.53289/RYZN8654

Foundation News

Foundation News

Guest Editorial

Strong armed forces are a deterrent and still crucial by The Rt Hon. The Lord West of Spithead GCB DSC

Artificial Intelligence

AI can be regulated and this is how by Stephen Almond

How the UK set out to regulate AI by Professor Sana Khareghani

EU and UK approaches to AI regulation: A world apart? by Dr Cosmina Dorobantu

The good and the bad actors of AI and how we manage them by John Gibson

A global voice on Artificial Intelligence by Dame Wendy Hall

The debate

The UK Nuclear Fusion Programme

The UK is ahead of the curve when it comes to Nuclear Fusion by A summary of presentation by John Staples

How the UK is making strides in fusion by Ian Chapman

How fusion works and where the UK sits in the picture by Professor Kate Lancaster

Fusion will be here sooner than expected by Francesca Ferrazza

The debate

Scale up of deep technologies

The importance of scaling up from the seed stage by Amelia Armour

The four challenges of scaling up, and how to solve them by Dr Simon Thomas

Bringing global capital to the UK and making our innovation ambitions a reality by Gus Wiseman

What Innovate UK can do to help by Scott O'Brien


Investing in resilience as the key to surviving crises by Professor Sir David Omand

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