The Foundation organises events on key topics in science, research, technology or innovation, bringing together parliamentarians, civil servants, industrialists, researchers, learned societies, charities and others. Those events focus in particular on areas where there are policy decisions needed, which in turn need to be informed by this wide range of inputs and viewpoints. Summary reports are prepared for all events, and these - along with presentation slides, videos of speakers and audio files - are available online after events.


Responding to the rapid increase of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) in organisms

A debate on the challenge of dealing with increasing Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) was held on 4th June. The report is on the web site

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Policy choices for the reduction of bovine tuberculosis (TB)

Report, presentations and audio files from the debate on "policy choices for the reduction of bovine tuberculosis (TB)" is now on the Foundation web site -

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The economics of decarbonisation of the UK electricity supply – how much are we prepared to pay to meet carbon reduction targets?

Economics of decarbonisation of the UK electricty suppy - speakers James Smith CBE, Carbon Trust, Dr David Clarke FREng, CE, Energy Technologies Institute and Baroness Verma, DECC

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