In the FST podcast, weekly one to one interviews allow a more in depth discussion of both topics being explored in Foundation events, and one-off discussions with senior figures across science, research, technology and innovation. It's available here, and can also be accessed on the main podcast hosting platforms.

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Filter: Year 2022

Dr Iliana Portugues - Rebuilding the electricity grid

In this podcast we discuss the way UK energy grid needs to change between now and 2050, generating capacity from renewables, international comparisons, as well as priorities for next 5 years to achieve Net Zero emissions.

Nick Winser - Rebuilding the electricity grid

In this podcast we are discuss the electricity grid, and the changes that will be needed to it if the UK is to reach Net Zero by 2050 with Nick Winser, Chairman of the Energy Systems Catapult.

Dr Matthew Godwin - UK/Isreal research collaboration

In this podcast we discuss the new report launched by the Britain-Israel All Party Parliamentary Group on Accelerating UK-Israel Research Collaboration with Dr Matthew Godwin.

Dr Kate Devlin - Artificial Intelligence

In this podcast we discuss artificial intelligence (AI), the Government’s AI Strategy, and how AI technologies are being deployed in the UK at the moment with Dr. Kate Devlin, Reader in Social and Cultural Artificial Intelligence at King’s College London.

Professor Sarah Main - Science and research policy issues in 2022

In this podcast we discuss Science and Technology policy issues in 2022, including: political uncertainty, association with Horizon Europe, Levelling Up, current reviews into the science and research system, and the effects of the pandemic on research, with Professor Sarah Main, Executive Director of Campaign for Science and Engineering.

Sir Ian Diamond - The work of the ONS during the covid pandemic

In this podcast we will be discussing the work of the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in providing crucial data during the Covid pandemic.

Dr George Dibb - Tecnnology and Economics

In this podcast we will be discussing the way technology feeds into economy, the role of the government in innovation processes, “blue skies” vs “picking winners”, the importance of regulation, and priorities for government policy on innovation in technology.