Volume 22 - Issue 7

  • August 2020
Volume 22 - Issue 7

Guest editorial

Sir Jim McDonald: A sustainable and inclusive future for all

Post-Brexit international research collaboration

Sir Adrian Smith and Professor Graeme Reid: Future frameworks for international collaboration 
Professor G√ľnter Stock: EU-UK academic collaboration – a European view
Dame Nancy Rothwell: The value of international collaboration
Chris Skidmore MP: Full association with Horizon Europe is vital

Solving the battery challenge

Professor Clare Grey: Making better and better batteries 
Ian Ellerington: Building the industry of tomorrow
Dr Christopher Lee: Scaling up new technologies
Rob Millar: Delivering maximum power with maximum energy

Industrial use of drones

Elaine Whyte: A technology with huge potential
Professor Tom Scott: A means of exploring the most hazardous environments 
Pae Natwilai: Getting the full picture

Making the most of digital health data

Dr Saira Ghafur: Making best use of NHS data
Caroline Cake: Bringing all the data together
Dr Natalie Banner: Data as a means of enhancing public benefit
Dr Nicole Mather: Working together to extract value

Biometrics and facial recognition technologies

Carly Kind: Issues of trustworthiness and legitimacy
James Dipple-Johnstone: Balancing a range of needs and requirements
Professor Carsten Maple: Making sure biometric systems meet the needs of society 
Matthew Ryder QC: Creating an ethical and legal framework

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