Hardtech and high-value manufacturing companies have a key role in the UK economy. As the UK emerges from recession, the Foundation for Science and Technology wanted to explore that role, the challenges they face, and how Government and others (including universities) can help them to build on their success. What should policymakers, funding agencies and the companies themselves be doing going forward?

On 25 January 2023, the Foundation organised an event at the Royal Society in London to discuss these issues. The speakers were: Peter Marsh, Founder of Made Here Now; Will Butler-Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Brompton Bicycle; Katherine Bennett, Chief Executive Officer, High Value Manufacturing Catapult; and Edmund Ward, Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Resources, Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

A video recording, presentation slides and speaker audio from the event are available on the FST website: www.foundation.org.uk/Events/2023/Hardtech-and-High-Value-Manufacturing