In the FST podcast, weekly one to one interviews allow a more in depth discussion of both topics being explored in Foundation events, and one-off discussions with senior figures across science, research, technology and innovation. It's available here, and can also be accessed on the main podcast hosting platforms.

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Flo Sharman - Mental Health

In this podcast Flo Sharman, a MQ Mental Health Ambassador, provides a personal perspective of the effect of the lockdown on mental health, concerns for when the lockdown ends, and future mental health provision.

Kate Day - Mental health of children and young people

In this podcast, Kate Day, Managing Director, KRD Training, discusses mental health of children and the effect of the lockdown, drivers for increase in mental health difficulties, and the long term legacy of the pandemic.

Professor Louise Arsenault - Mental health of children during lockdown

In this weeks podcast Professor Louise Arsenault, Professor of Developmental Psychology, Kings College London, discusses mental health of children, the effect of the lockdown, and the policy priorities for government.

Monika Jephcott - Effect of lockdown on mental health of children and young people

In this weeks podcast, Monika Jephcott, Chief Executive of Play Therapy UK discusses how play therapy support children’s mental health, the effect of the lockdown on children’s mental health and developing skills to support children going forward.

Richard Halsey - Hydrogen technologies

In this podcast Richard Halsey, Capabilities Director, Energy Systems Catapult, discusses the UK’s overall energy system and where hydrogen fits in; the need for blue and green hydrogen and the government action needed.

Sinead Lynch - Hydrogen Technologies

In this podcast, Sinead Lynch, Chair of Shell UK discusses the role of hydrogen technologies in reaching net zero including blue hydrogen and carbon and the Hydrogen Advisory Council.

Professor Pericles Pilidis, Hydrogen powered aircraft

In this podcast, Professor Pericles Pilidis, Head of Power and Propulsion Department, Centre for Propulsion Engineering, Cranfield University discusses hydrogen powered aviation. Including technical barriers to designing and building aircraft and potential government action and commercial opportunities.

Professor Dame Anne Johnson - President of the Academy of Medical Sciences

In this podcast Professor Dame Anne Johnson, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences and Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at University College London discusses the work of the Academy of Medical Sciences, tackling the coronavirus pandemic, and scientists working with policymakers.

Rachel Coldicutt - UK ARPA

In this podcast Rachel Coldicutt, Director of Careful Industries discusses the proposal for a UK version of “ARPA” (Advanced Research Projects Agency).

Phil Smith - UK ARPA

In the first podcast of 2021 Phil Smith, Chairman of IQE and former CEO and Chair of CISCO UK discusses plans to develop a “UK ARPA”. Including why its needed, difference in innovation culture between UK and USA, and what success would like like.