In the FST podcast, weekly one to one interviews allow a more in depth discussion of both topics being explored in Foundation events, and one-off discussions with senior figures across science, research, technology and innovation. It's available here, and can also be accessed on the main podcast hosting platforms.

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Paul Stein - The UK Innovation Strategy and the view from business

Paul Stein, Chief Technology Officer at Rolls-Royce plc, gives an overview of how innovation can be driven in the UK and the activities set out in the UK Innovation Strategy. Topics discussed include people and culture, the need for patient investment, demand signals from government, and underpinning issues.

Professor Mark Spearing - The Innovation Strategy and UK universities

Professor Mark Spearing, Vice-President Research and Enterprise at the University of Southampton, discusses the newly released UK Government Innovation Strategy and what it means for UK universities.

Dr Alice Bunn - the role of engineering in addressing global issues

In this podcast Dr Alice Bunn, Chief Executive of the Institution for Mechanical Engineering, discusses the role of engineering in addressing global issues - such as climate change, transportation and power generation - the skills that are needed, and how engineering should feed into policy.

Rory Miles - University/business interface

Rory Miles, Innovation Fellow at The Centre for Enzyme Innovation in the University of Portsmouth discusses the university business interface and how to scale up technology from academia into industry.

Professor Jeremy Watson - Systems Approach to Net Zero

Professor Jeremy Watson, Professor of Engineering Systems at University College London, and Chief Scientist and Engineer at the Building Research Establishment discusses a system approach to get to Net Zero including: the main challenges to get to net zero, decarbonising buildings, and government action and priorities.

Professor Rebecca Lunn - Systems Approach to Net Zero

In this podcast, Professor Rebecca Lunn, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Strathclyde discusses a systems Approach to Net Zero and the National Engineering Policy Centre working group on this issue.

Hindsight perspectives - Louise Sanger

Louise Sanger, Applied Research and Outreach Manager, Lloyd’s Register Foundation, and a member of the FST's Foundation Future Leaders Programme discusses the Hindsight Perspectives project, including: the importance to safety of using hindsight and potential priorities in the maritime industry.

Dr Alex Brogan - biotechnologies for sustainable manufacturing

Dr Alex Brogan, Lecturer in Chemistry at King’s College London, and a member of the Foundation for Science and Technology’s Foundation Future Leaders scheme discusses new biotechnologies for sustainable manufacturing, including how biotechnologies can contribute to sustainability and industries with the greatest impact.

Professor Keith Bell - Systems approach to Net Zero

In this podcast, Professor Keith Bell, Scottish Power Professor of Smart Grids at the University of Strathclyde, discusses the changes needed in different interacting systems in order to get to net zero greenhouse gas emissions - including power generation, transport and buildings.

Impact of Diamond Synchrotron - Isabelle Boscarro-Clarke and Neil Brown

In this podcast, Isabelle Boscaro-Clarke (Diamond Light Source) and Neil Brown (Technopolis) discuss the socio-economic impacts of the Diamond Synchrotron, and a new report published on 26 May, including scientific, technological and societal impacts.